Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Clay Cups MYPB, MYPD

Due: 18 April

Clay Cups March-April 2013, MYPD

Unit Question: Form follows Function...Or?

AOI: Human Ingenuity: Impact of innovation and creation on society;
Taking Action to think creatively.
You will be assessed through all four criteria:

A.Knowledge and Understanding: (DW blog assignment) Write a 400 word essay on a type of ceramics culture and how it is inspiring to you. (See for some links to examples of ceramic cultures. You're not limited to those only-- ceramics is possibly the oldest technology and art form known (30,000 years old.) That means that you have a lot to choose from!
Mention: Who made the ceramics? When? What was its purpose? How was it made? (techniques.) Why is it interesting to you?

B. Application: Develop skills and apply techniques in the making of your own cup or vessel.
    C. Reflection and Evaluation:(DW blog entries) Describe your process, evaluate your work; consider feedback. Use design cycle as a way of ordering and developing your ideas, from rough stages to more finished.
Vocabulary you should/can use in describing your process: slab, plastic, leather hard, slip, score, relief, carving, surface, glaze, firing.
D. Personal Engagement: Demonstrate curiosity, self-motivation and willingness to take informed risks. Support and encourage peers.

Objectives: 1. Develop critical thinking.Develop composition skills
          1. Create a cup that has artistic form as well as function.

                        30,000 year-old Venus                                                                                    Roman

                                                                                                                  Toby Jug, England