Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MYPB Color, paintings in progress and finished

Due: Monday, 12. March
Knowledge and Understanding assignment, to be put in your DW blog:

 Write a three-paragraph essay about  color.

Find two paintings and discuss their color composition.

  • One painting should have complementary colors (such as the one above, blue and gold.)
  • One painting should have analogous, related colors. 
  • Discuss one of these paintings in terms of tone ( for example: the girl is lit from the left, colors painted in lighter tone; the shadows on the left are painted with the same colors, but in darker tones; the background is painted in very dark tones....etc.) 
new painting pictures to upload to your blog:

Cover sheet:

    4.January- 1. February; Due: Wednesday, 1. February 2012

Unit Question: How can you make colors work together?
AOI: Environments

In this unit we will:
  • study the color wheel, finding out what a complementary color is,
    and what an analogous color is.
  • paint a color wheel
  • sketch designs for your paintings and select the most suitable designs for your paintings, to be painted on A3 paper. Remember the AOI theme: environments.
  • Make paintings that feature your favorite color. You will harmonize
    this color by using other colors that work with it. One painting will use analogous or related colors, the other painting will use complementary colors that work with your favorite color.
At the end of the unit you will have:
  • 2 finished paintings: one analogous (related colors), and one complementary composition.
  • Explain the theory behind complementary colors, according to the color wheel.
  • Justify how you were able to harmonize your painting in your DW blog.
  • Reflect on how successful each of your paintings is, and how they relate to the area of interaction, environments.

  • Criteria: A. knowledge, B. application, C. reflection, D. engagement.