Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MYPC Masks,finished

Due:  Thusday 12. April 2012
 Guiding Question: What’s under a mask?
Area of Interaction: Human Ingenuity

What am I going to cover in this unit?
  • Masks in history and different cultures
  • Design and build your own mask, which reflects you in some way.
  • Follow creative cycle (Investigate, plan, create, evaluate.)

Specifications for your mask:
  • Wearable and/or hangable
  • 2-D elements (painted)
  • 3-D elements (sculpted)
  • Contain both naturalistic and symbolic elements that reflect yourself
(if it is naturalistic it becomes more like a self portrait; if it is symbolic, it
appears more abstract.)

Things to consider: How do you appear to others? How do you want others
To see you? What identity do you want to have?