Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grade 8 Food Factor/Comics

Here is the coversheet for the current unit:

Grade 8 Art Food Factor Comics

    5.October- 9. November 2011
Unit Questions: What could go wrong with your food? How can you make sure this doesn't happen?

Area of Interaction: Health and Social Education

Your task: Design a comic that illustrates the above unit questions, exploring the theme of this year's lego challenge, Food Factor. http://firstlegoleague.org/challenge/foodfactorproject

Use the creative cycle to make your comic strip: Investigate, Plan, Create, Evaluate. Record these steps (research, brainstorming, sketches, plans, etc.) in your Developmental Workbook. Research (criterion A, knowledge and understanding) will involve researching food, as well as thinking about a comic character or style that will best allow you to communicate your message.

Things to keep in mind as you draw and write your comic strip:
  • Your character(s) can be simple or detailed.
  • After you have a character/s, write a script.
  • Characters can be human, animal, or anything else—even geometrical shapes.
  • Take time to research (investigate) styles of comics—use links, books. The more you investigate, the more chance you can find a style that is “you.”
  • They can be funny, or serious.
  • How much drawing and how much writing do you need to communicate your story? (Some comics are very visual, others are very verbal.)
  • How do you want others to see your comic? (You can self-publish a booklet, put it in a newspaper, put in on a poster, or/and publish it on the web as a web comic.

Due Date: Wed, Nov. 9th.
Useful reference links:

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