Sunday, August 12, 2012

MYPB Calligraphy

Calligraphy Due: 19. September, 6weeks

Here are some examples of calligraphed quotations.

This one is inspiring for us, and especially good for when we struggle with calligraphy! That's why it is important to lay out the lines with pencil, and do some rough drafts.

This is using the basic italic we are learning. It's simple but elegant.
The calligrapher has varied the size of the script and has some very pale color in the background.
Here the script size varies a lot, and much color was added.
 Using very different sizes of letters, and transparent, multiple colors make the words feel musical I think. I'm reminded of a chorus or a refrain.
This use of ripped paper edges makes for a powerful and decorative border.

These all are done by those who have practiced long with calligraphy. Don't be intimidated--I'm just giving you some samples to show that you can can illuminate, decorate and write in very many ways.

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