Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MYPA Perspective

MYPA Art                                         

3.Jan- 7.Feb. 2013, 6 weeks

Due: Thursday, 7. February 2013

Objects in Perspective

Unit Question: How do we make two dimensions look like three?
What am I going to cover in this unit?
  • History of perspective
  • Draw a room in one point perspective
  • Draw/paint imaginary town/city in two point perspective.
AOI: Human Ingenuity:
  • Structure and the creative process.
  • Impact of perspective on society.

How will I know I have been successful?
  • Be able to measure and draw parallel and vertical lines by measuring.
  • Know how to make perspective drawings; know vocabulary (DW blog) criterion A, understanding.
  • Make a finished 1-point perspective city drawing. (Criterion B, application.)
  • Make a finished 2-point perspective drawing (Criterion B, application.)

IDU: Technology

Blog assignment,,Criterion A Understanding Paragraph:
Write a paragraph describing the perspective in a painting (include title and artist)
Use these words to describe the painting:
horizontal,       Parallel
vertical,      vanishing point    horizon line.

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