Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MYPD Shoes, works in progress

3.Jan-7.Feb- 6 weeks; Due: Thursday, 7. Feb, 2013

A Walk in My Shoes

Unit Question: Can your culture be represented by the environment in which you live?

Area of Interaction: Environments
One's culture is represented through fashion and by the items that surround us.
What am I going to cover in this unit?
  • Drawing from observation (contour, shading.)
  • Drawing objects (drapery, shoes)
  • Drawing in perspective and depth (linear, overlap, atmospheric, hierarchical)
  • Combining observation and the symbolism
How will I know I have been successful?
  • Design and plan artwork in sketches and studies(drawings) (Criterion B, application)
  • Draw a finished composition with one's shoes and other cultural symbols(Criterion B, application)
  • Describe the process in DW (Criterion A, knowledge)
  • Give and receive creative criticism. (Criteria C, reflection, and D, engagement.)

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