Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MYPC Pop Art, works in progress

3.-31.January- 5 weeks; Due: Thursday, 31. Jan, 2013

Pop Art        

Unit Question: Can I produce what I consume?

Area of Interaction: Environments
  • How does the environment determine the way we see art?
  • What environment does art need?
What am I going to cover in this unit?
  • History of Pop Art Sculpture
  • How scale and context shift our relationship to art
  • sculpting; making three dimensional art.
  • Consumer products and consumerism as a subject for art and reflection.
How will I know I have been successful?
  • Design and plan artwork in sketches (drawings) (Criterion B, application)
  • Create a piece of pop art (Criterion B, application)
  • Describe the process in DW (Criterion A, knowledge)
  • Give and receive creative criticism. (Criteria C, reflection, and D, engagement.)

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